Friday, June 4, 2010

The walk home

After an hour or so of wading, Kit and I finally headed home. It was a very pleasant walk, but it would have been more so if we hadn't both been tired and sore.
"Did you have fun Kit?" I asked at a length.
"Oh yes!" She replied promptly. "But, do you think that next time, my friends could come too?"
"Sure!" I replied carelessly. I wouldn't mind a little more company.
"Great!" Kit said. "Well in that case, I'll have to ask Samantha, Kirsten, Kaya, and Josefina of course, and also Lindsey and Molly and Eliza, oh, and their sisters Rose, Amanda, and Daisy, and we couldn't forget their friend Chloe! Or Jessika, and Maggie, or-"
I groaned. I hadn't realized Kit had so many friends. "Hey Kit," I said, changing the subject. "I'll race you home!!"

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