Friday, June 25, 2010

Rushing Rivers Camp, Kit's fourth letter!

Dear Mimi,

Today was kind of a cloudy, foggy sort of day.
For breakfast this morning we were served toast mostly. It was pretty good, for toast.

Nature class today was about bird feet. I personally thought it was a strange topic, but I didn't have any say in what Ms. Lila spoke to us about.
We learned about what different kinds of bird feet do, and how they differ. Later we had trivia on this topic.

We made book covers for our craft today, to recover old books that they had there. They turned out very nicely, and now we all have new books!

Aside from the bird feet trivia, our game time consisted of canoe racing. It was fun, but I was still a little nervous about being in a canoe. Even if it wasn't in a Rapid River. The red team won one race, and the Blue team won the other. Both teams are currently tied at twenty points each!

Lunch and dinner were typical "camp food". Lunch was soup, and dinner was hot-dogs and beans.

For free time today, I hung around with Molly again. She and I are becoming very good friends. We decided to go swimming, because it was ridiculously hot. I wasn't too partial to going swimming, but the alternative was the River Rapids course.
The lake wasn't very crowded, which we were thankful for. A quiet lake is more fun than a rowdy splashy lake.
Although I can't swim very well, we did manage to swim out to the island that sits in the middle of the lake. It was very peaceful. We mostly flopped around and goofed off for a couple of hours. Then suddenly the sky clouded over. Before we knew it, we were right in the middle of a thunderstorm! You will be glad to hear that we had the presence of mind to go find shelter. We ended up in a small, damp cave. It was better than nothing.
We waited the storm out; it lasted about a half an hour.
When it was finally over, we swam back ashore. It seemed a lot longer than when we had swam out earlier. We arrived on shore by about the time everyone was looking for us. When they heard where we had been, they rushed us off to the nurses office. I think they go a little overboard sometimes (they send people there all the time!) but I suppose it's better than if they didn't send you at all!
The nurse told us to rest for a while... I think that's what she tells everyone. I'm not really sure that she's a qualified nurse. We rested until dinner.

Well that's about all that happened today! We all miss you!

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