Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kit's day in the woods, part 2

"Wow," Kit said on the way to the rubble heap. "The grass is really long here in the forest!!"
I just grinned. "It's not much further to the rubble heap." I told her.

Kit was quite excited to see it. "Oh wow!!" she breathed. "Can I go play in the rocks??!!"
I told her she could, and sat down on a rock to watch her, and to get a better look at the rubble heap. It had been fenced in years ago for whatever reason. I decided that it would definitely look better if the fence slats were all in the same direction....and the same color.
When Kit was out of breath, she trotted over to request another picture.
"Where would you like me to take it?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't chose the rubble heap.
"How about those trees over there?" she suggested after a moment.
I breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, go stand over there then." I told her.

More will be coming tomorrow!


Rita said...

Giggle. You call THAT a rubbish heap? I'll show you a rubbish heap. ^__^

mimi said...

Okay, it's a very, very small rubble heap, lol.

Rita said...