Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer dresses

Hello! I'd like to start this post off by mentioning that I didn't make either of these dresses; they were both birthday presents. :)
Samantha chose this spot for her picture, because she said it made her look like she was about to cross a street.
"Not really." I objected. "It can't be a street because there aren't any cars going way to fast, or people on bikes disturbing traffic, or any ducks or squirrels madly darting out-"
"A nice street." she interrupted.
"Oh." I said. "Where do you find these nice-"
At this point, Kirsten stepped outside. "Are you nearly finished?" she asked politely.
"No, haven't started." I told her rather distractedly. "Now hold still Samantha,"

When it came time for Kirsten to have her picture taken, she had already decided to stand beside the house. "Doesn't the brick red really go well with my dress?" she asked.
I nodded, and snapped a couple of pictures.

The only reason Kirsten gets more pictures than Samantha, is that she holds still better. Samantha kept wiggling.
See you soon!


Rita said...

Bob wants to know if they have any KU Jayhawks dresses. We might have to solve that problem. They'd all make quite a cheering section. ^__^

mimi said...

They don't, unfortunately. :D They say that they would like to go and cheer, if refreshments are provided. :P