Monday, June 21, 2010

Rushing Rivers!!

The dolls are all packing and getting ready for Rushing Rivers, the summer camp they will be attending! It kicks off tomorrow, so their bus will arrive shortly.
Rushing Rivers is an accredited camp located out in the country away from everything else. It will run one to two weeks, two if everything goes well, one if everything doesn't! Hopefully all will go well. Of course I will provide pictures, and stories of the highlights of camp.
Well, I should probably go and help the dolls pack now. See you soon!


Rita said...

Oh, dear. I do wish Julie could attend. Having just arrived here, she just can't get her belongings sorted out and packed for a camp. Maybe next year. I hope one of the dolls will send her a card. Good luck with Camp Rushing River. Remember to take lots of sun block and skeeter eater.

mimi said...

The dolls wish she could have gone as well, but they understand her predicament.
I hope she can go somewhere next year!!