Thursday, April 7, 2011


 Hi! This is Dakota.
I have always wanted a cat, and now it looks like I might just get one!
On the left is a picture of the cat. My brothers and I found her when we were outside last night.
Right now Mom and Dad are looking around to see if they can find her owner, and putting up "Found" signs. I hope that she doesn't already have an owner, because I would love to keep her.
Even though I didn't mean to name her, because I didn't want to get too attached, she somehow ended up with the name Sally.
Isn't she adorable? And she's so well behaved. I can tell that everyone in my family likes her, except for maybe my grandma. Dad says that if we do keep Sally, Grandma will probably like her, in time. And I figure that even if she doesn't like Sally, at least she probably won't hate her for too long.