Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi! This is Jenna, as you can probably tell by the picture.
It has been stubbornly warm around here lately, so I find it rather hard to believe that it is already almost November! Where did October go?

Today it was surprisingly nice outside. (That is, compared to the previous couple of days that have been warm, muggy, or full of mosquitoes.)
So, Kirsten and I decided to take advantage of the situation; we went outside and took some pictures. Technically, Kirsten took the pictures, and I just tagged along.
She took a lot of them, but I'm only including ones that I'm in. :D
I hope you like them!
Oh, and sorry that this post is kind of short. Samantha has informed me that she plans to post sometime this weekend, if all goes well.

Until next time!