Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hi! This is Kit. :)
Today, all of us met at the school at about six for the fall festival. We were all dressed up in our costumes, which I must say, were pretty impressive!!
Samantha was dressed as Dawn from Pokemon, Josefina was a pop star, Kaya was dressed as an indian, Kirsten was a ballerina, I was little red riding hood , and Eliza was Laura from Hamtaro.

We went to the fall festival, but didn't stay very long. Brenda was there, bossing everyone around. It's kind of hard to boss people around at a fall festival, but Brenda managed to somehow.
We left early and went trick-or-treating instead. I got a ton of candy!!!

We stayed out for an hour or so, then met at my house to count up or candy.
I have a slight nut allergy, so I traded all of my candies with nuts to Samantha for Kit-kats.
They're my favorite, because they have my name in them! Well actually, my nickname. If they had my real name in them, they'd be called something like, "Meredith-kats". That doesn't roll off of the tongue very well.
We stayed up until eleven o'clock, and then decided that it wouldn't make any sense for the others to go home, so we had a sleep-over!

All in all I had a wonderful day today. How about you?

Kit-kat :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Package Arrives!

Hello, it's Kirsten writing again.
This afternoon when I got home from school, all I wanted to do was sit down somewhere. I had endured a long day. My mother met me at the door. "Kirsten, a package arrived for you today. I put it in your room." she told me.
Suddenly all of my energy returned.
I dropped my bag, and ran up the stairs.
I hesitated in my doorway. Would it be a package from Grandma, or someone else?

I waited in the doorway for a few minutes before I finally  decided that I had to know who the box was from.
I strode quickly across the room and grabbed my scissors.
Within seconds I had managed to remove all of the tape from the box, and was able to open it. I hadn't been able to see who the box was from, because it looked like it had been rained on. All of the writing was smeared beyond recognition. That was all right though, I'd be able to see who it was from by the contents.
Without hesitation I plunged my hand into the depths of the box. My hand rested on something soft and fuzzy. I pulled it out, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.
In my hand I held one of the prettiest sweaters I had ever seen. It was a lovely sky blue, and had cables on the collar and sleeve cuffs.
At that moment I knew the package was from Grandma.
I fished around on the bottom of the box until I found a note.
It read, "Happiest of happy birthdays Kirsten. I hope that you love these clothes I sent to you. Please try them on when they arrive, and tell me how they fit.
With love,
Your Grandmother"
I was so happy I could have screamed for joy. I didn't, however, because I didn't want to get in trouble for suddenly erupting in noise.
I snatched everything out of the box and tried it on.
Everything fit beautifully, although I did feel a bit like a marshmallow when I wore all of the pieces.

I have decided that I will probably wear the different pieces separately. The outfit is far more comfortable that way.

I started to head out of the room to show my mother, when I had another idea. She could wait a few minutes to see it, first I had to write a thank-you-letter to Grandma.

Thanks for looking!!

Kirsten :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello, this is Kirsten!
As I was taking my birthday things upstairs the other day, my older sister Kelly watched me struggle up the stairs. "Say!" she said suddenly. "You didn't hear from Grandma this year."
She was right; I hadn't. "That's strange." I said in what I hoped was an offhand manner.
I left her at the bottom of the stairs and continued to my room. Once my door was shut, and my presents deposited on my desk, I sank on my bed to think.
It wasn't that I minded not getting a present from Grandma, although she makes excellent hand knit gifts. I missed hearing from her. We only correspond a couple times a year, because she lives in Norway and doesn't have a phone. I can't help but worrying about her when I don't hear from her.
I wandered to the window and sighed.
I really hope that Grandma is all right.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Kirsten!

Hello, this is Samantha!
A few days ago, I received an invitation from Kirsten for her birthday party. I was certain that I would find a way to attend. Kirsten is my best friend, and I love visiting her house!
Yesterday afternoon,  I was one of the first to arrive at Kirsten's house.
Kirsten had told me that they had been redecorating, and I could clearly see so! The last time I had been at her house, they hadn't had the floral curtains or the pink sofa.

Once the others arrived, we had a great time playing party games. We spent a lot of time playing hide-and-seek, and tag.
After we had dinner, which consisted of spaghetti and meatballs, we watched "The Reluctant Astronaut". It was a really good movie.

Then it was time for cake and presents! (That's always my favorite part.)
The cake was excellent. It was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing.

We played lots of board games and karaoke until bedtime. (That was about two in the morning.)

I had a lot of fun, and can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A quick update...

... about the Fall Festival!
This is Josefina again. :) We started decorating today. (I couldn't take any pictures of that either!) It's going pretty well, especially since Brenda has backed off a little bit! I think it's a little early to start decorating, but that's just my opinion.
I'm getting ready to do a short series about some of the new clothes that Mimi has made for us! They're really cool. ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Festival Committee Meeting

Hello, this is Josefina writing again.
Earlier this afternoon, I was in the dorm room working on a book report when I heard the door.
I looked up to see Samantha. "Josefina, why are you still here? The committee meeting starts in a few minutes!" she told me quickly.
"But I didn't sign up!" I informed her.
"Oh I signed you up yesterday. We'd better get going!" She ran downstairs, and left the door open for me.

Five minutes later I arrived at the meeting room of our school.
I was met at the door by a tall girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles.
"Welcome to the planning meeting." She said. "I'm Brenda Gibb."
I froze up. Kit had told me some about Brenda Gibb.
Brenda is the president of Kit's news club, and from what I have heard, she isn't the nicest girl in the world.
"Uh, hi Brenda." I faltered, unsure of what to say.
"Your name is Josefina?" she demanded.
I nodded feebly.
"Well you're late. Go sit over there." she pointed to a seat beside Samantha.

"Are there any questions, before we begin?" Brenda asked in such a way that made it certain that no questions were to be asked.
"Why is the poster orange and brown? The Halloween colors are orange and black." Samantha asked.
"This is not a Halloween party, it is a fall party. Now we will begin." Brenda told her coolly.
She immediately launched into a long monologue about how we each had to play a part in making the festival a success.

Finally, Brenda stated regally, "Meeting adjourned."
I've never seen a room empty so quickly.
Sorry that there weren't any pictures, Brenda made it very clear that there were to be no photos for "confidential reasons", whatever those are.

Thanks for reading this very long post!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Festival Set-up team??

Hello! This is Josefina.
Earlier today, Samantha and I were walking through the school's hallway, when Samantha stopped short. I crashed into her and dropped my bag, but she didn't notice.
"Oh wow look at this!" she said, as she ran across the hall.
I didn't see what she was so excited about.
"What is it?" I asked.
"The Fall Festival!" She exclaimed. "They have the posters up. It says to sign up for the set up committee."
"They left out a 't'." I observed.
"That's not the point at all!" Samantha said, getting rather impatient.
"Then what is?" I was very confused by now.

"We should sign up for it!!!" she told me.
I was very dubious. In all honesty, I don't want anything to do with the fall festival. I might attend, but setting it up isn't exactly my kettle of tea.
"Listen Samantha, I don't—" I began to tell her.
She wouldn't have any part of it. "It would be fun!" she interjected.
I wasn't sure about that.
I was about to suggest volunteering at the library instead, when she interrupted my thoughts. "I wonder where we sign up? The first meeting is tomorrow—" she mused. "Come on Josefina!"
"Where are you going?" I called after her.
"To sign up!"
I had a bad feeling about this, but followed slowly after her.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Card-Making Party

Hi, this is Kit! Today, Kirsten invited me and Kaya to a card-making party at her house. A lot of people at our school have been getting sick lately, so we decided to make cards for them!
As soon as Kirsten called me, I hopped on my bike and rode to her house.
(Just for your information, Kirsten's parents are back from visiting Kirsten's aunt, so Kirsten could stop boarding at the school. She simply hasn't yet)
She met me at the door. "Hi Kit!" she said. "You're just in time; Kaya just arrived a few minutes ago."

We had invited Samantha, Josefina, and Eliza, but they hadn't been able to make it.

When we were ready to start, we set up all of our supplies on the Larson's kitchen table. Kirsten's mother had made pink lemonade, so we brought that to the table too.
At the beginning of our actual card making time, I was a little dubious. I wasn't sure that we would actually have enough supplies to make all the cards we needed. As it turned out, we had extra!

Everything went really well! Well, actually I spilled half a glass of lemonade on Mrs. Larson's good table cloth, and then tipped the glitter jar into the puddle.
I scrubbed at the stains with a dishcloth so hopefully it won't stain, or leave a large sparkly spot.

We all had a really good time making cards, and agreed that we'll have again sometime soon!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kaya's hair!!

Hello! Ever since I got her, Kaya's hair has been a terrible mess. It was hard to brush, because the ends were very kinky. Apparently that is a problem most Kaya dolls have. I read up on the subject of straightening doll hair a bit, and found that flat-ironing was probably my best choice. My mom took me to Walmart, and we bought an inexpensive ceramic plated straightener. (It has to be ceramic plated, because metal will fry your doll's hair.) As soon as she had time, my mom helped me straighten Kaya's hair! To do it, you need a straightener, a spritzer bottle, (Like what perfume comes in.) and a doll hairbrush. (A wig brush works too.)
Put your straightener on the lowest setting it has, and let it heat up. Separate the doll's hair into several small pieces and lavishly spray a section. Proceed to straighten your doll's hair just like you would do your hair, making sure to pull it through her hair quickly. You do not want to let it rest anywhere on her hair, because chances are you would melt it.
When my mom and I finished, I was pleasantly surprised. Kaya's hair was silky. It's very easy to brush now, and looks so much better.
Thanks for looking!