Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kaya's opinion

The other day, I was photographing Kaya in some new clothes I had made for the dolls. After the first picture, Kaya had a question. "Would you mind if I posted about these clothes?" she asked.
"Oh I don't know, why?" I replied.
"Well you see," she said, "You can't really give an accurate review of them, because you've never worn them."
She did have a point. "Okay." I agreed reluctantly. "But just this once, until we see how it goes."
So I guess this would be a good time to sign off and let Kaya take the wheel. Bye!!

Hello! I would like to tell you all a bit about myself, but Mimi told me to try to stay on the subject, so I suppose I'll tell you about these clothes instead.
I think Mimi did a very good job on these. I like the shirt a lot for two reasons. Firstly because it is different from all of our other shirts, and secondly because I prefer more neutral colors like this green than brighter colors, because I think they look better on me.
The jeans are very nice, but they are to heavy for summer, so I suppose I won't be wearing them much until next fall.
Both of these are from pattern-free, and made from old clothes. (an old T-shirt, and cargo pants extensions) Mimi told me to put that in, I don't think it was really that important, but Mimi always has strange whims like that.
I would love to keep going, but Mimi says that blog posts should be short and to the point, or something along those lines, so I should probably end here.
Bye! Kaya


Rita said...

Kaya, I think you gave an excellent fashion commentary on Mimi's designs. You are right; the color flatters your beautiful skin and eyes. I hope you'll be joining the others at camp. Sincerely, an admirer.

Kaya said...

Thank you Rita!