Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rushing Rivers camp, Kit's first letter

Today I received my first letter from Kit, who is at camp. I decided that the easiest way for you to hear how camp has been so far would be for Kit to tell it to you herself.

Dear Mimi,
Camp has been really great so far!
I will admit, I wasn't sure if I should even go when we were saying "goodbyes" at the bus stop, but I am glad I did come!
The bus ride was very long; over three hours. To pass the time, I worked on a novel I'm writing. Everyone else mostly read, or sang never-ending songs very loudly. I wish you could have been there to see some of the places we passed, and the things we saw! My favorite things that I saw were a city called "Orange", and "Big Cow Creek".

When we finally arrived at noon, I was rather dubious. I didn't see any river, or any water for that matter! The whole place looked dry, and weather tossed. A guide appeared promptly to welcome us. She explained that although the outside of Rushing Rivers wasn't very welcoming, the inside was much nicer. I had my doubts, but sure enough, after we had walked a good quarter of a mile, Rushing Rivers stood before us in all of its glory.

After a very long orientation, where we were told what "team" we were on, and what cabin we were in. We were free to investigate for an hour, and then we would have our first nature walk.
I was very excited to learn that I would be boarding with Samantha and Kirsten, but sorry that Kaya and Josefina couldn't squeeze in with us as well. Some of the other campers that I knew were the Dolls, Lindsey, Eliza, Daisy, Amanda, and Rose. I also recognized their cousin, Molly Mcintire. The elation of seeing so many people I knew was somewhat smothered by the overwhelming amount of people I did not know.

The first thing I did was go and find my cabin. When they told me that we got cabins, I expected to have a cabin. Lo and behold, when I arrived at Cabin 4, Cabin 4 turned out to be a tent. Now I don't really mind tents, but it simply wasn't what I had been expecting. It was then that I realized why only three people were together in a "cabin".
Samantha, Kirsten and I deposited our luggage, and unpacked a few things that we would need. The tent is a bit squished, but it's cozy, I guess.
We went on a nature walk after that. It was very short and pleasant. We took a few pictures, and will I will send some with my next letter.
I do wish you could be here. I know that you will come briefly around Wednesday, but even two days are too many without you. I got that out of a book!

At around one we ate a late lunch of sandwiches, and then played a trivia game.

After that it was free time. I chose to go to the archery place with Molly, and the fishing pond with Kirsten and Lindsey.
When we were done at about six we took baths, and had "Dinner and Chill" time. That involved pizza, and an impromptu talent show thing. They had to cut it short when it started raining, and the power went out. I didn't really mind however; we were right in the middle of a banjo-accordion duet, and it wasn't very good.

I should probably stop writing now because the mail collector is here to collect the mail. With all luck, this letter shall soar on the wings of the post and find you as I left you. I got that one from a book too!

The other dolls send their greetings, and hope that you will join us soon.
Yours truly,
Kit Kittredge

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