Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rushing Rivers Camp, Kit's third letter!

Soon after I received Kit's letter, I was on a bus headed towards Rushing Rivers! It was just as long and interesting as Kit had written, and I was enthralled the whole ride.
When I arrived after three long hours, I was greeted warmly by all of my doll companions, and a few friends they had made. Kit was very excited to see me. She insisted on showing me the whole camp, obviously forgetting an experience of her own rather similar to that.
I only stayed for a couple of hours, but Kit wrote me a letter to tell me what I had missed.

Dear Mimi,
I was very glad to see you this morning, but I'm sorry you couldn't stay longer. What did you think of camp?
Breakfast wasn't very good this morning. You're lucky that you came too late for it; the eggs were too runny, and everything else was to hard.
Ms. Lila told us an "epic chipmunk story" for our nature class, or that was at least how she described it. The chipmunk pictures were very cute, but it was really boring.

Crafts were postponed due to "technical difficulties beyond their control" (Really, how many technical difficulties can you have with craft supplies??) so we moved right along to game time. We were promised a craft later.
The first game we played was hide and seek. It didn't last very long, because some of the younger Dolls, (Rose and Amanda) got hot and tired of it very quickly. Instead we played games with cotton balls and straws.
The first game we played was a race, and the second one was more like hockey. They were both very fun, although they left one quite winded. The red team won both games!

After a quick lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (They have low budget lunches here) we moved right along to free time.

Kaya was eager to go on the high ropes course, which had just opened this morning. She asked if I would come with her. I told her I would. I wasn't planning on going on it after my experience yesterday, but I hoped to get a few pictures with Kirsten's camera. (which I was borrowing)
I looked over the course as they stood in line. It basically involved some ropes that were about four feet from the ground, and a couple of swings and slides at the end. I noticed that the ground below it was covered in large pillows and soft things, to make up for the lack of a net.

Kaya had climbed up confidently, and was crossing one of the ropes. I stood below, taking pictures for her scrapbook. Suddenly, a small gust of wind whisked her hat off of her head! I'm pretty sure that Kaya would have stayed on if she hadn't grabbed at her airborne hat, but as it was, she lost her footing, and toppled onto the cushions below.
Kirsten and the nurse with whom I am well acquainted rushed over to see if she was all right. Of course she was, the cushions guaranteed that. In spite of that, they took her to the nurse's office.

In other news: Kirsten competed in a swimming race today, and claimed first prize! I cheered for her doubly loud since you couldn't be there.

Molly and I met up with Kaya as soon as she was let out of the nurse's office, and went to the rock climbing course. You will be glad to hear that no one fell of, or hurt themselves in any way on this excursion, except for a scrape on Molly's knee. It was very fun and completely safe. That's what they told us, any way. Come to think of it, that's also what they said about the Rapid River, and the High Ropes Course...

We had crafts eventually. They were tote bags! Mine is purple with a green flower on it.
After that we had baked potatoes for dinner, and our first camp fire! We roasted a lot of marshmallows and made s'mores.
I feel rather ill now. Samantha told me not to eat too many of them. I would've listened to her, but that twelfth s'more was calling my name!! They were very good though, even if they did make me sick.

I thought that I would include a picture of myself in this letter, so here it is! Molly took it for me.

Yours truly,
Kit Kittredge


Sunshine said...

12 s'mores!?!? LOL

The creative use of sheets is awesome!

mimi said...

Thank you! Kit has never quite learned what a good sized serving is. :P