Friday, June 18, 2010


Lovely name for a blog post, isn't it? Oh well.
I made this suitcase some time last week, without any sort of pattern. It started as a cardboard box that I made from, well, cardboard! I covered it, and added the zipper, which came from a pair of cargo pants. I'm planning on making another handle to go with it. The handle that it haas on now is removable, and the pick up kind. The one I make for it next will be the drag kind.

It's kind of a shame she doesn't have anywhere to go, isn't it? Doll Camp is coming up soon, so she has that to look forward to I suppose. I do think it's a little to early to be packing for that though; we haven't even settled on a date!

This little picture shows Samantha's new duffel bag. (you might click on it, to open it larger) It is made from fabric that I got for my birthday, and a zipper from a pair of pants.
This bag was made for Samantha on her request. You see, she is a dedicated dancer, but didn't have any way of conveniently transporting her "stuff" (as she refers to it) to and from her classes. She was quite excited when I gave it to her; before this, she had been using plastic shopping bags.
Thanks for looking!


Rita said...

You did a great job on that bag, Mimi! I don't like putting in zippers. Ugh! Cute dress, too. She looks cool and comfy! ^__^

mimi said...

Thank you Rita! The zipper wasn't too hard, I sewed it to the 2 tops of the front before I sewed them to the bag. :)