Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rushing Rivers camp, Kit's second letter!

Well, Kit's next letter also "soared on the wings of the post and found me as she left me", and included pictures! I will stick them in at about the time they would appear in Kit's letter.

Dear Mimi,
We awoke at seven in the morning to the obnoxiously loud blaring of a bugle. I was confused at first, expecting to wake up in my bedroom, but I quickly remembered where I was.

For breakfast that morning, we were served waffles. They were quite good, except for they were a little dry.
I sat with Molly and Rose, because I was a little nervous about wandering around until I found and my other friends.

After that we went to our nature class, where Ms. Lila spoke about raccoons. It was interesting, and the raccoon pictures were very cute.

Soon after we were done with raccoons, we went on a three mile "nature walk" (more of a strenuous hike really) and were thoroughly acquainted with the campgrounds.

When we were back, they quickly sent us out on a Scavenger hunt. The blue team won (I am on the red), but all of the red team had fun as well. The prizes were pillows and headbands.

For crafts today we made bracelets out of pretty beads and hemp.

During free time, I was invited to go on the river rapids course with Molly. I wasn't entirely sure, as you know, I am not very good at swimming, and the thought of rushing down a rapid river made me a little ill. However, I didn't want to disappoint Molly, so I agreed.

(As always, click for better quality)
Picture 1, This is the picture of us, going down the river.
Picture 2, The canoe hit a bump, Molly was thrown backwards, squealing with glee. Kirsten fell back, out of reflex, crashed into me, and I went flying out of the canoe.
Picture 3 and 4 are me in the water.

It was pretty scary, at first I was flying, then everything around me was a vivid greeny-blue. I couldn't breathe. I suppose I was lucky that there weren't any rocks in that part of the River Rapids course...
I was only under for a few seconds. I quickly bobbed back up to the surface, but I only had time to draw a quick breath before I was whisked under again. I vaguely saw Josefina hop out of her canoe. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged onto the shore by the collar of my shirt. When I opened my eyes, Josefina was standing above me, looking out of breath and very wet.
Don't worry, I thanked her!

The rest of the day was all kind of a blur. I remember that a counselor whisked me away to the nurse's office. The nurse told me to take it easy, and that the rapids course wasn't for swimming. Of course I already knew that, but I didn't tell her so.
I'm excited to think that you might be reading this letter on your way to Rushing Rivers! Even if you might not be able to stay the whole two weeks, I'm glad you'll at least be able to see the camp.
See you soon!


whimsymoon said...

LOL!!! I love the picture of the "Rapid River"!!! Glad to hear Kit was rescued!

mimi said...

Thank you! I was too... I suppose this is what I get for letting them spend a few weeks out in the wild by themselves!!

rita said...

Omigosh, Mimi. I nominate you for best director and best set decoration. Looks like you have some pretty good actors there. You did a great job!!

I'm laughing.

mimi said...

Thank you so much Rita!

Sunshine said...

What is the address to that camp!? I need to write a sternly worded letter to them for not providing them with Life Jackets! I'm glad things worked out... now where is my pen... ;)


mimi said...

LOL! Thank you!