Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

"Come on Josie!" I yelled from the top of our steps.
As I waited impatiently, I realized for the millionth time that although we are twin sisters, Josefina and I are nothing alike.

Her idea of a fun day would be an all day shop-a-thon at the mall with our cousin, Tabitha Garcia.

My idea of a fun day would include being dropped off at an art museum with some money for food and a camera. Or, if that didn't work out, I wouldn't mind going to the park and playing with a frisbee or a football.

As our ideas of fun were so different, there was absolutely no way that Josefina wanted to spend her Saturday morning out walking around the neighborhood, which was what I wanted to do.
After a while, Josefina eventually dragged herself out of our bedroom very reluctantly.
"Kaya," she said. "I don't see why you think it will be so much fun to walk around. The only walking I really like doing is in a store."
I already knew that.
I just smiled, and ran down the stairs. I threw open the front door and let the crisp air rush into the house in a big blast.
Josefina made a face. "So there's no chance you want to stay home and watch movies?" she asked hopelessly.
I shook my head vigorously, and ran outside.
She followed me out. She had to, because our parents were at one of their dance classes this morning, and we were supposed to stick together.
As pleasant as the weather was, I couldn't quite believe that it would be Christmas in two weeks. It felt like mid September, not mid December.
"So," Josefina asked. "Where are we going first?"
I thought for a moment, and looked around. The sidewalk to the left looked very attractive, but to the right it was lovely. Leaves spilled off of the grass and onto the sidewalk. Trees, still stubbornly clinging to their remaining leaves, created a tunnel of color.
I started walking briskly to the right.
"Wait up!!" Josefina yelled indignantly as she followed me.
It was beautiful. The sky was bright blue, and the sun shone down brilliantly. The air was thin and chilly, but still quite pleasant.
I had a great time, walking in the winter world. I believe that Josefina was enjoying herself to, but she wouldn't admit it.
As we passed by the playground, we watched leaves swirling towards the already covered ground. The playground was quiet and still, except for one swing, which swung cheerfully back and forth.

It seemed that she and I were the only people outside.

"You know something Kaya?" Josefina said at a length. "We're walking in a winter wonderland of sorts."
I had to agree.


Rita said...

Ah, girls, you wouldn't want to be out in our Missouri Winter Wonderland. The wind is howling at a wind chill below zero. Brrr... It's even too cold for a pretty snow. Enjoy your lovely day. ^__^

Wendy said...

Lovely pictures! It looks wonderful there. It's been miserable and rainy here for days... I'm dying for it to quit.