Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Girls

Hello, this is Kit, again.
It feels a little weird, posting two days in a row, but I couldn't wait very much longer!!
Well, the headmistress of our school was getting very impatient to meet the foreign exchange girls. After a lot of thought, she decided t start school early. Great idea, huh? Not! In an attempt to offset the collective disappointment of a whole school (employees included!) she decided that we would do half-days for about a month. Honestly, I would rather just have a real break.
I dragged myself to school this morning. (Why did she have to start it up again on a Thursday????)
At first it seemed that it would just be a normal day. (Well, semi-normal. I'm not usually back in school this soon after Christmas.)
Most of the students were milling about, trying to find their classes, when all of a sudden everybody froze.
I crashed right into Samantha, and wound up on the floor. I expected her  to say something about it, but she was staring towards the door. I looked too, although I couldn't see anything clearly from the floor.
I was quite surprised at what I saw. Standing in the doorway, looking slightly disorientated, were the three foreign exchange students! They weren't supposed to get here until tomorrow!!
The whole room was silent. I suppose that everyone was thinking exactly what I was, "Gee, they're tall."
Definitely not very intelligent sounding, but that's what my first thought was!!!
As Samantha rushed over to meet the new girls, I scooted over to where Josefina was standing by herself.
Just as I reached her, one of the teachers said loudly that their names were (From left to right) Mei Ling, Rowan Isabella Garcia, and Belen. I didn't quite catch all of Belen's name, or all of the teacher's speech, but apparently Rowan and Belen are cousins.
"Hi Josie!" I chirped.
She acknowledged that I had spoken with a nod.
I cocked my head at her curiously. She usually didn't pass up a chance to talk. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Aren't you excited about the foreign exchange students?"
I guessed from the withering glance that she gave me that she wasn't very excited.
I waited around for a minute or two, hoping for an explanation, but she wasn't offering one. I said goodbye quietly, and went to find Samantha.
Josefina sure is acting weird.
Sorry for the poor quality pictures and rambling post. Rainy days detract from my writing and picture taking skills. ;)

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