Monday, December 27, 2010

Sushi Tutorial, part 2

California Rolls

To make the california rolls, cut felt as shown in picture one.
For all of you who prefer the exact numbers, cut a piece of black that is 1½" long, a piece of white that is 1¼" long, a piece of pink that is 1" long, and a piece of green that is ½" long. 
Stack them as shown.
Roll them together and pin as shown in picture two. 
You shouldn't have to pull to get the black ends to meet, and there shouldn't be a whole lot of extra room inside. 
If there is not enough room, cut the other colors slightly. 
If there is too much room, cut the black felt slightly.
With black thread, sew with a whipstitch where the black ends meet. Try to catch the other colors slightly as you go. 

Egg sushi

Cut a piece of yellow felt that is about ½" wide, and 1" long, a piece of white that is about ¾" long, and a little less wide, and a piece of black about 1½" long, and very skinny. 
Stack the yellow and white as shown. 
Wrap the black piece around the yellow and white, having ends meet on the white side. 
Sew through all layers with black thread, making sure to stay on the black piece.

Tomorrow I will show you how to make the box and chopsticks! 


Sunshine said...

Excellent tutorial! I had no idea they were so TINY!

mimi said...

Thank you Sunshine! :)