Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sushi Tutorial, part 1

The highly awaited sushi tutorial is now here!! Think of it as sort of a late Christmas present. ;)
I am going to post it in three parts, probably one part a day.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and ask them!

Pickled Ginger

For the pickled ginger (the pink flower-like thing) cut a piece of felt approximately 3 ½" long, and  ¼" thick. 
Wrap it up and stick a pin through it as shown in the first picture. 
Turn it over and sew into the bottom of it as shown in the second picture. (Please excuse the poor quality pictures.)

Rice balls 

My confession for the day: I forgot to take pictures as I made the rice balls. So, I made visuals on Photoshop.
As you can see in the first picture, you will need to cut a shape close to a lemon out of white felt.
The line across the lemon shape is the fold line.
The gray area represents the size of the black piece you will need to cut for the seaweed.
It should fit be able to fit on the folded piece of white felt as shown in picture two.
Before folding the white piece, pin the black piece onto the white as shown in picture one. Sew it down neatly.
Fold the felt in half with the black facing the outside. Sew around the edge of the white. (I used a blanket stitch, but a whipstitch or running stitch will work just as well.)
Before you finish sewing around the outside edge, stuff the rice ball with a small amount of stuffing.

Tomorrow I will show you how to make the Californian rolls and egg sushi!

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