Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Snow Queen

On a cold winter's night, 
No snow on the ground. 
The vale was still and bright,
For none were around.

A thrill filled the cold air,
From a merry twinkling.
The Snow Queen was there,
Her sleigh bells all jingling.

The girl, she was quite fair.
She was clad all in white.
With her flowing brown hair, 
The Queen was a fine sight.

As she leapt from her sleigh,
The girl laughed, just for fun.
But she could not delay,
There was work to be done.

Without a single tune,
Without any routine,
She danced under the moon,
For she was the Snow Queen.

As if held by a string,
She pirouetted, pranced.
All through the evening,
The girl danced, and she danced.

Snowflakes swirled all around,
Chasing after her hem.
Until snow did abound,
On all the leaves and stems.
Two cliffs she danced between,
A spectacular show. 
All around the Snow Queen,
Danced the fluffy white snow. 

At the first morning light,
The Queen's large task was done.
She had toiled through the night.
A snow day had begun. 

She drove off, and left there,
A valley fresh and clean.
To stay, she did not dare,
For she was the Snow Queen.


Rita said...

Oh, Mimi. Sigh. So beautiful. You are such a talent--and, an early riser! Much Love

Anonymous said...

Samantha makes a beautiful snow queen!