Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Missed me, right???
This is Kit. :)
Sorry about not posting in a couple of days. Mimi has been so busy posting about her sushi tutorials I haven't had a chance too. (I don't like posting twice in one day.)
I tried to convince her that no one was interested in felt sushi, but she didn't believe me. Go figure. It's probably because she already knows that I detest sushi, and don't even like to look at it.
So to summarize, I would have liked to post this the day after Christmas, but didn't get to.
This will be something like a "Look what I got for Christmas!" post, just not quite the same, because there will be news at the end!
First of all, I got an adorable stuffed tiger from my mom and dad!! I named him Tangerine, even though my brother says that Tangerine is a girl's name.
My friend Rita sent a cowboy outfit for me. It came with a shirt, vest, pants, hat, boots, and a hobby horse. I was thrilled. My mom didn't want to buy me a pair of cowboy boots, so I'm glad that I finally got a pair.
I also got some boring school supplies. I am not going to go in detail on these.

My favorite present was probably a pair of Liberty Jane boots! They are so cute and comfortable. Mimi says that they were her present, not mine, but I didn't believe her. They wouldn't even fit her!
She's such a kidder.

I can't say what I got for the secret santa gift exchange yet, because we don't exchange presents until next week.

Anyway, now I will tell you about the big news!
The headmistress of our school sent out an email just a couple of days ago, announcing that we will be getting some new students pretty soon! A few of them are foreign exchange students, but there are some new enrollments too!
I'm so excited to meet them all. I wonder if they will be as nervous as I was when I came last year??

Sorry about the long, and practically picture-less post. I just needed to ramble for a while. ;)

What did you get for Christmas?

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