Friday, December 31, 2010

Rowan here!!

Hi, this is Rowan Isabella Garcia!

Yesterday wasn't at all like I had expected it to be. I was hoping for a nice quiet entrance, and a day to get settled in my boarding room.
I was surprised by the uproar that our arrival made. I spent the whole day shaking somebody's hand or introducing myself.
It was a long day.
Today was different though! I was able to sink into the background a bit, and enjoy my day at school.
Then I met a girl who calls herself "Kit". (She explained that it was short for Kaitlyn.)
After chatting to me briefly, she asked if I would like to post on her "blog". I hadn't heard much of blogs before, so she had to show me how to make it work.
I just realized that I have typed a lot, and you don't know anything about me.
You know my name, so I will skip that part. I used to live in Mexico, and I had a couple of horses. (They are my favorite animal!) Unfortunately, if the rest of my family decides to move here to be with me, they will have to sell my horses.
My favorite color is bright red. I like shopping. Kit, who is standing behind me, says that I am rambling and that I need to wrap this post up pronto. I don't quite know how she expects me to "wrap it up", it's virtual after all, but I think she means to stop typing.
To please her, I will post a picture of the two of us and her tiger, Tangerine.
Kit is saying that I need to work on my writing skills before she will let me post again. Maybe she is right.
Until next time!
Rowan Isabella Garcia (Kit also says that I don't have to use my full name every time I write it. She is a funny girl.)

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