Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Speaking of weird....

Hi! This is Josefina.
Do you remember how a couple of posts ago, Kit mentioned that I was acting weird?? If not, it was in the post, "New girls", right at the bottom. Well, guess who's acting weird now?
*Waiting music* ..... Kit! Or should I say, Kaitlyn.
Ever since she found out that Rowan posted her actual name, she has been strangely shy and subdued.
I guess that she's embarrassed about her name?
Yeah..... that's why she hasn't posted in a few days, just for your information.
Kit hasn't really been talking to anyone, not when she can help it anyway. Rowan, who still hasn't realized that Kit is mad at her or that Kit hates the name Kaitlyn, has been trying to talk to "Kaitlyn" without success. I suppose this might be rather mean, but I've been calling her Kaitlyn, just to irk her. :P

I suppose that I might have been acting slightly weird that day when the foreign exchange students came.
I guess I was just unsure about new students.
I wouldn't have been so worried if it wasn't for this girl I know named Abigail.
The whole week before they came, she had been talking nonstop about how excited she would be to meet a hispanic girl who had actually lived in Mexico.
Personally, I have never lived in Mexico, or even visited.
When I told this to Abigail, she informed me, very pointedly, that she already knew that.
I felt rather snubbed, as you may have guessed.
I didn't think that Kit would understand all of that, so I just didn't tell her any of it.

Weird, huh?

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Clever Kit said...

Hmmm...sounds like you guys are having problems.

Tell Kit that I think Kaitlyn is a great name! I know lots of girls with that name, only they spell it differently.

And I guess the best advice about Abigail is just...ignore her. :P

Hope things start getting a little better soon!

<3 Kit