Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet Mischa and Sunny!

Josefina here!
Big news; I've found my long-lost sisters! Okay, so technically they aren't actually my sisters. But I think that they should be!!
I met both of them at school today.
Mischa is an amazing girl.
She has beautiful green eyes, and curly brown hair.
She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, or even sooner than that! She showed up a little late for school..... technically she missed the whole first semester. Oh well. Being late is in vogue right now, I think. She is very excited about her light class schedule; she has decided that she is only going to take art, and wonders why the rest of us don't follow suit. For some reason I think that the headmistress might object a bit.
Sunny is very cool as well.
She has three older sisters, all models for popular clothes lines. She has the kind of hair that I've only dreamed about. It's so beautiful and bouncy. And it's blond! I've always wanted blond hair.
All of this curly hair is starting to make my straight black braids seem pretty plain!
Sooner or later, (Hopefully sooner!) I will do a couple of posts with lots of pictures of the two of them. They are both very photogenic!
Anyways, I've decided that they are my long lost sisters.
I've always had a little bit of trouble believing that Kaya is really my twin, I mean, we're so different!
I love fashion, friends, and fun. Kaya on the other hand, only seems to care about school, books, and a few sports.

As soon as I had decided that Mischa and Sunny were my long-lost sisters, I decided that I should probably let Kaya know.
I ran into the library of our school. As I expected, Kaya was sitting in an orange beanbag, reading a book.
"Kaya!" I said, a little bit louder than I should have in a library.
She looked up reluctantly.
When I told her that I found two of my long-lost sisters, she just laughed.
For some reason, I have this weird feeling that she didn't take me very seriously. That's Kaya for you.

Until next time,

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Rita said...

Welcome, Mischa and Sunny. You can be sure you have found a good home.

Oh, and "Josefina," you may long for those bouncy, blonde curls but as someone who has seen your hair, freshly washed and conditioned, cascading down your back, I have to say it's the most beautiful hair I've ever seen! xxoo