Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Samantha....

I was walking home from school today, when I was joined by Samantha. We hadn't had a chance to speak to each other yet, so I was rather surprised to hear the the strange accent she spoke to me in.
"Hey Kit, I have the most smashing bit of news!" Samantha told me.
I looked at her quizzically, wondering if sickness could be the cause of her strange pronunciation. "What is it?" I asked hesitantly.
"Oh come on, guess!" she prodded me.
"Samantha, I don't—"
"Samantha!" I exclaimed. "I don't have any idea."
Samantha didn't seem to notice my irritation. "I've found out that I'm part British! Have you noticed my accent?"
"Yeah, I noticed your accent." I said wryly.
Her "accent" was a weird combination of a southern drawl, an Australian accent, and a mangled British accent.
"So, umm, how long are you going to talk like that?" I asked.
"I don't know...."  she said thoughtfully. "Perhaps forever!"
I hurried to my front door. "I'm home Mom!" I yelled.
I don't believe that my mother appreciated it much, for she was very near to the front door.
I opened my mouth to speak, when Samantha burst into the house.
"Mrs. Kittredge!" she exclaimed. "We're going to do a genealogy report in school, and I found out that I'm British!"
"Well," my mom said. "Did you know that Kit is part Irish, and part Welsh?"
Even I hadn't known that.
Samantha turned to face me. "Oh Kit, this is great!" she squealed excitedly. "We could be long lost relatives or something! You should speak in an Irish accent from now on!"
There was no way in the whole world that I was going to try to master an Irish brogue in two days.
I shook my head violently.
Samantha was disappointed, but undefeated. "How about a Welsh accent?" she asked slyly.
Samantha is definitely something else.

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