Friday, January 14, 2011

Reports due

Hello! This is Kit again.
Well, our genealogy reports were due today. When it came the time to give them, I was quite nervous. I have never been good at writing oral reports, especially not about my family.
I anxiously awaited my turn to speak, dreading it more and more every minute. Samantha went a couple of people before I did.
She had all sorts of interesting information about the Parkington's.
I hadn't heard most of it before.
Of course she was using her "British" accent the whole time she read her report. Afterwards she invited everyone to her house for tea and crumpets. I'm pretty certain that she has no idea about what crumpets are, but that doesn't matter much.
I glanced down at the paper I had spent so many hours on. It suddenly seemed very insufficient. I gulped.
I was encouraged slightly in the fact that at least my paper was well researched. I had spent hours pouring through old diaries, and calling up relatives trying to figure out how various people were related. Although my paper wasn't as good as those that other people (i.e. Samantha...) gave, mine was pretty good. I had a lot of facts, and a family tree that traces back almost to 1800. I thought that I would share a bit of random knowledge, so here it is.
My ancestor Barry Lynch came from Ireland to the US because of the Great Potato famine. Isn't that fascinating?
Anyways, it was almost my turn to give my report. When Mrs. Leslie called my name, I didn't know how I would make it to the front of the classroom. The room seemed very foggy as I stumbled to the head of the class. I stared unseeingly into the faces of my classmates.
"Go ahead Kit." Mrs. Leslie prompted me.
I raised my paper so that I could read the facts off of it. The letters seemed blurry, and the blue lines of my paper seemed to wiggle a lot more than  lines should. I squinted at it slightly, and spoke from memory. "Um, my family is part Irish and Welsh." I said suddenly, breaking the oppressive silence.
My voice sounded too loud and shrill, but I tried to ignore it as I continued. Each fact was a little easier to say than the last one, and when I was finally finished, I wasn't nervous anymore.
"Very nice Kit." Mrs. Leslie told me as I skittered back to my seat.
After class was over, we were allowed to look at everyone's family tree. They had all been set up very neatly by the blackboard.
I glanced at Samantha's as I passed, and instantly felt a little bit sorry for her.
I had known that she was an only child, but I hadn't realized that she didn't have any cousins. The closest thing that she had to a cousin was a distant relation named Bob.
Personally, I have five cousins.
My cousin on my Mom's side is named Lyric.
My other four cousins are on my Dad's side, and they are Joe, Jo (short for Jody), Josy, and baby Jojo.
I realize that you probably aren't very interested in who my cousins are, but it seemed to be a nice ending for this post. :)


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