Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kaya's hair!!

Hello! Ever since I got her, Kaya's hair has been a terrible mess. It was hard to brush, because the ends were very kinky. Apparently that is a problem most Kaya dolls have. I read up on the subject of straightening doll hair a bit, and found that flat-ironing was probably my best choice. My mom took me to Walmart, and we bought an inexpensive ceramic plated straightener. (It has to be ceramic plated, because metal will fry your doll's hair.) As soon as she had time, my mom helped me straighten Kaya's hair! To do it, you need a straightener, a spritzer bottle, (Like what perfume comes in.) and a doll hairbrush. (A wig brush works too.)
Put your straightener on the lowest setting it has, and let it heat up. Separate the doll's hair into several small pieces and lavishly spray a section. Proceed to straighten your doll's hair just like you would do your hair, making sure to pull it through her hair quickly. You do not want to let it rest anywhere on her hair, because chances are you would melt it.
When my mom and I finished, I was pleasantly surprised. Kaya's hair was silky. It's very easy to brush now, and looks so much better.
Thanks for looking!


Rita said...

very beautiful!

Almost as beautiful as Mimi's stunning locks. xxoo

mimi said...

:) Thanks Rita!