Monday, October 25, 2010

A Package Arrives!

Hello, it's Kirsten writing again.
This afternoon when I got home from school, all I wanted to do was sit down somewhere. I had endured a long day. My mother met me at the door. "Kirsten, a package arrived for you today. I put it in your room." she told me.
Suddenly all of my energy returned.
I dropped my bag, and ran up the stairs.
I hesitated in my doorway. Would it be a package from Grandma, or someone else?

I waited in the doorway for a few minutes before I finally  decided that I had to know who the box was from.
I strode quickly across the room and grabbed my scissors.
Within seconds I had managed to remove all of the tape from the box, and was able to open it. I hadn't been able to see who the box was from, because it looked like it had been rained on. All of the writing was smeared beyond recognition. That was all right though, I'd be able to see who it was from by the contents.
Without hesitation I plunged my hand into the depths of the box. My hand rested on something soft and fuzzy. I pulled it out, and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.
In my hand I held one of the prettiest sweaters I had ever seen. It was a lovely sky blue, and had cables on the collar and sleeve cuffs.
At that moment I knew the package was from Grandma.
I fished around on the bottom of the box until I found a note.
It read, "Happiest of happy birthdays Kirsten. I hope that you love these clothes I sent to you. Please try them on when they arrive, and tell me how they fit.
With love,
Your Grandmother"
I was so happy I could have screamed for joy. I didn't, however, because I didn't want to get in trouble for suddenly erupting in noise.
I snatched everything out of the box and tried it on.
Everything fit beautifully, although I did feel a bit like a marshmallow when I wore all of the pieces.

I have decided that I will probably wear the different pieces separately. The outfit is far more comfortable that way.

I started to head out of the room to show my mother, when I had another idea. She could wait a few minutes to see it, first I had to write a thank-you-letter to Grandma.

Thanks for looking!!

Kirsten :)


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Your outfit is sooooo cute .. you are lucky to have a gramma who sews for you too .. we love Grandma made items and Mama's too around here ..

Have fun with your new stuff and Happy Birthday .. I think we wrote that before but cannot remember ..

Ta Ta,

Clever Kit said...

The dark blue jumper at the end is so beautiful! I wish I had one like that. You're so lucky that you got pretty clothes for your b-day. I'm glad you heard from you grandma!

:D Kit