Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello, this is Kirsten!
As I was taking my birthday things upstairs the other day, my older sister Kelly watched me struggle up the stairs. "Say!" she said suddenly. "You didn't hear from Grandma this year."
She was right; I hadn't. "That's strange." I said in what I hoped was an offhand manner.
I left her at the bottom of the stairs and continued to my room. Once my door was shut, and my presents deposited on my desk, I sank on my bed to think.
It wasn't that I minded not getting a present from Grandma, although she makes excellent hand knit gifts. I missed hearing from her. We only correspond a couple times a year, because she lives in Norway and doesn't have a phone. I can't help but worrying about her when I don't hear from her.
I wandered to the window and sighed.
I really hope that Grandma is all right.

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