Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hi! This is Kit. :)
Today, all of us met at the school at about six for the fall festival. We were all dressed up in our costumes, which I must say, were pretty impressive!!
Samantha was dressed as Dawn from Pokemon, Josefina was a pop star, Kaya was dressed as an indian, Kirsten was a ballerina, I was little red riding hood , and Eliza was Laura from Hamtaro.

We went to the fall festival, but didn't stay very long. Brenda was there, bossing everyone around. It's kind of hard to boss people around at a fall festival, but Brenda managed to somehow.
We left early and went trick-or-treating instead. I got a ton of candy!!!

We stayed out for an hour or so, then met at my house to count up or candy.
I have a slight nut allergy, so I traded all of my candies with nuts to Samantha for Kit-kats.
They're my favorite, because they have my name in them! Well actually, my nickname. If they had my real name in them, they'd be called something like, "Meredith-kats". That doesn't roll off of the tongue very well.
We stayed up until eleven o'clock, and then decided that it wouldn't make any sense for the others to go home, so we had a sleep-over!

All in all I had a wonderful day today. How about you?

Kit-kat :)


whimsymoon said...

Nice costumes!

Rita said...

Wow! It looks like your girls had a wonderful Halloween. Did they collect lots of candy? You did a lot of work on their costumes and photos. Good luck with with your novel. xxoo