Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Festival Committee Meeting

Hello, this is Josefina writing again.
Earlier this afternoon, I was in the dorm room working on a book report when I heard the door.
I looked up to see Samantha. "Josefina, why are you still here? The committee meeting starts in a few minutes!" she told me quickly.
"But I didn't sign up!" I informed her.
"Oh I signed you up yesterday. We'd better get going!" She ran downstairs, and left the door open for me.

Five minutes later I arrived at the meeting room of our school.
I was met at the door by a tall girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles.
"Welcome to the planning meeting." She said. "I'm Brenda Gibb."
I froze up. Kit had told me some about Brenda Gibb.
Brenda is the president of Kit's news club, and from what I have heard, she isn't the nicest girl in the world.
"Uh, hi Brenda." I faltered, unsure of what to say.
"Your name is Josefina?" she demanded.
I nodded feebly.
"Well you're late. Go sit over there." she pointed to a seat beside Samantha.

"Are there any questions, before we begin?" Brenda asked in such a way that made it certain that no questions were to be asked.
"Why is the poster orange and brown? The Halloween colors are orange and black." Samantha asked.
"This is not a Halloween party, it is a fall party. Now we will begin." Brenda told her coolly.
She immediately launched into a long monologue about how we each had to play a part in making the festival a success.

Finally, Brenda stated regally, "Meeting adjourned."
I've never seen a room empty so quickly.
Sorry that there weren't any pictures, Brenda made it very clear that there were to be no photos for "confidential reasons", whatever those are.

Thanks for reading this very long post!

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