Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorating!

Hello! This is Kirsten writing. Today, Kit and I were at our school "boring" (Boarding) room by ourselves. Everyone else had after-school activities. Kit and I had been having a contest throwing paper balls, but it just wasn't doing it for us.
As you may have guessed, we were bored. So... we decided that the room needed a bit of redecorating! We pulled the fall decorations out of the closet and went wild. Doesn't it look great? The pumpkins were Kit's idea, although I think we got them a bit early.
Happy fall!!

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Rita said...

Oh, Kirsten it looks wonderful. My fall fever is in full force, and I've been eying the pumpkins in the stores. You and Kit did a wonderful job. Could you come and do my house, too? Julie really misses Kit.