Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Card-Making Party

Hi, this is Kit! Today, Kirsten invited me and Kaya to a card-making party at her house. A lot of people at our school have been getting sick lately, so we decided to make cards for them!
As soon as Kirsten called me, I hopped on my bike and rode to her house.
(Just for your information, Kirsten's parents are back from visiting Kirsten's aunt, so Kirsten could stop boarding at the school. She simply hasn't yet)
She met me at the door. "Hi Kit!" she said. "You're just in time; Kaya just arrived a few minutes ago."

We had invited Samantha, Josefina, and Eliza, but they hadn't been able to make it.

When we were ready to start, we set up all of our supplies on the Larson's kitchen table. Kirsten's mother had made pink lemonade, so we brought that to the table too.
At the beginning of our actual card making time, I was a little dubious. I wasn't sure that we would actually have enough supplies to make all the cards we needed. As it turned out, we had extra!

Everything went really well! Well, actually I spilled half a glass of lemonade on Mrs. Larson's good table cloth, and then tipped the glitter jar into the puddle.
I scrubbed at the stains with a dishcloth so hopefully it won't stain, or leave a large sparkly spot.

We all had a really good time making cards, and agreed that we'll have again sometime soon!


Rita said...

Oh, the card making days at our dining room table. I remember them as happy days. Looks like your girls had a good time. I do hope more of the children will get their flu shots, so there won't be so much illness. ^__^

mimi said...

I miss making cards with you! That was always a lot of fun. :)