Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Supporting the team

Hola! This is Eliza.
Yesterday was somewhere around my half- birthday. As usual, I shared it with my twin sister Linzy. Instead of telling you everything that I got for my birthday, I'm going to cut this story short. Knowing how much I like the Jayhawks football team, my Grandma bought me some Jayhawks apparel! She bought a skirt, a scarf, and pajamas.
Today, I decided to wear my new clothes to school. Because I didn't have a suitable shirt, I decided to wear the pajama shirt.
I was proudly walking down the hall, when the headmistress of my school tapped me on the shoulder.
She looked disapprovingly down her nose at me, and cleared her throat loudly.
After wondering for a moment what the problem was, it hit me like a rock. "Oh I'm so sorry Ms. Headmistress ma'am! I forgot to tuck in my shirt."
I stuffed the edge of my shirt sloppily into my skirt.
She rolled her eyes and said in a tired voice, "Eliza Anna, you know our rules about apparel that advertises other schools and or sports teams."
"Oh I'm not advertising Ms. Matilda Headmistress ma'am," I babbled. "I'm just supporting the Jayhawks!"
She sighed loudly. "Please call me Ms. Matilda." she told me, before she continued on her way.
Ms. Matilda Headmistress sure can be picky sometimes.
It definitely is fun posting on here. I would more often, but I'm not sure how Kit would feel about that. She says I ramble, but I don't know what she's talking about. She told me that I could post on here as a half-birthday present, and I'm not quite sure if she meant "uno postio" (I bet you didn't know I spoke spanish!!!) or that I could post whenever I wanted too.
Hmm... I guess only time will tell!! :)


bob said...

As usual I am in awe of your style, panache, your haute' couture. Your obvious skill with needle and thread is only exceeded by your choices of theme, pattern and fabrics. A wonderful outfit or as we in the far north would say;
Rock Chock Jayhawk !!!!!!!

mimi said...

Thank you Bob!! :)