Saturday, February 12, 2011

A new face in Mimiville....

Hello! My name is Dakota May Ronan, but you can call me Dakota.
You're probably wondering how I ended up posting here, aren't you?
Well, I'll explain that towards the end of this post.
My family just moved here. We're staying at my grandmother's house until we buy one of our own.
I've always liked visiting her, but I didn't realize how hard she would be to live with. She's got a long list of things that little girls should do, and shouldn't do. One of the things we're supposedly supposed to do is wear frilly pajamas, like what I'm wearing in that picture there.
My mom took that picture of me when I first came downstairs. "Your first picture in your new home." she said happily.
My smile turned into a frown. I didn't want to think of Grandma's house, or this town, as my new home. I liked my old one just fine.
I went back upstairs, and stayed there for a while before I decided to be social. I got dressed and went back downstairs.
"Oh good." my grandma said. "I'm glad to see you. Will you walk Mr. Poo for me?"

Mr. Poo is Grandma's terrier. Apparently when my older brother William was little, he thought that Mr. Poo, who was then called Maximilian, was a poodle. The name stuck, unfortunately for Mr. Poo.

I looked at my grandmother suspiciously. Ever since I got here on Tuesday, she has been trying to get me to meet other people my age by sending me out on errands.

I reluctantly took Mr. Poo from Grandma and left the house.
Walking Mr. Poo isn't very fun. He's always a nice little dog to Grandma, but when you get him alone, he can be rather nasty.
The whole time I walked him, he strained on his leash and barked at squirrels. I just ignored him, and watched the sidewalk pass by under my feet.
I looked up from the sidewalk, and saw a girl about my age walking towards Mr. Poo and I.
Before I knew what had happened, Mr. Poo's leash slipped off of my wrist, and he jumped on the poor girl.
It was a lucky thing for the girl that Mr. Poo was in a good mood, all he did was lick her face a lot.
The girl squinted at him for a second. "Is that Mr. Poo?" she asked me.
I nodded, rather confused. "How do you know him?"
"Oh, I used to walk him. My name's Kit." Kit said, standing up.
We got to talking, and it turns out that she used to help Grandma out some on the weekends, by getting her mail and walking Mr. Poo.
Kit was very excited when I told her what school I will be going to, because apparently she currently goes there! Then she mentioned this blog to me, and said that I could post on it when I want to.
I think that maybe we could be good friends.
Before she left Mr. Poo and me to go home, she told me that she would introduce me to her friends on Monday.
I stood at Grandma's front door and watched Kit go. I felt more at ease right then than I had in weeks.
Maybe living here won't be as bad as I first thought it would be.

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Welcome, Dakota!