Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi! This is Josefina.
Last night, while Kaya and I were washing dishes, our doorbell rang.
When I answered the door, I was surprised to see my aunt, who lives three hours away.
"Hi Josy." She said. "Is your mother available?"
As an answer to her question, Mom came in right then.
"Oh good." my Aunt said. "Well, you know how I have a little farm?"
My mom nodded.
"Well, I'm moving." Aunt Rachel said. "And so I have a little present for you."
Just then, a small goat walked in.
My mom and I both stared.
"Well, bye!" And with that, Aunt Rachel was gone.
My mom couldn't say anything for about a minute. "We can't keep her." she said, still rather confused.
"Oh but Mom, she's so cute!" I cried as I hugged the goat.
There was a brief silence. I heard typing in the other room, so I supposed that Kaya was looking up how to take care of goats.
I also heard a small munching sound, and realized that the goat was chewing on my sleeve. I quickly stood up.
"Mom, can't Sombrita stay?" I begged.
"Sombrita?" She asked. "You've already named her??"
I nodded.
"Well, won't she be a nuisance?" My mom said, trying to convince me. "Goats like to get into things that their not supposed to."
"We probably still have some baby gates somewhere. Come on Sombrita." I said. "You can live in the garage."
My mom watched us go, before she went to tell Dad all about this whole goat issue.
I hope that Sombrita gets to stay!!


Rita said...

Oh, I hope she gets to stay as well.

Did Mimi make her? Just think of all the wonderful goat hair to be spun into yarn. xxoo

mimi said...

No, Mimi didn't make her. She is an American Girl goat that Mimi got from her friend at the same time Dakota and Jenna arrived. :D