Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree!

Have a happy holiday!
Hi, this is Kaya! Today, Samantha invited us to a tree decorating party at her house.
I had been preparing to take Coconut on a walk when she called. I didn't exactly want to disappoint her by leaving her when she thought she was going for a walk, so I brought her with me! Josie didn't think that was such a great idea, but I tried to ignore her.

When we got to Samantha's house, she had a tree and boxes of ornaments waiting for us.
It was really quite exciting. The boxes that she had set had out for us to use were overflowing with tons of different kinds of ornaments. There were thousands of balls of tinsel and millions of strings of lights. I supposed that some of the stuff was for the outside of her large house.
We turned some Christmas music on and started decorating
All went well, except for one thing. Coconut, who is wearing reindeer antlers in the picture, got a little too close to the tree.
Kit was happily wrapping the tree in tinsel, and accidentally got Coconut tangled up in the tree!
"Coconut!" she squealed.
Coconut wagged her tail at the sound of her name.
We nearly had to cut her out of the tinsel, but eventually she just slipped out. :)

Also, Eliza Doll got a little overzealous. We were all happy, but she was nearly dancing. I think it happened when we were listening to Jingle Bell Rock. I've always liked that song, but she had a passion for it. As soon as the song got to the "Jingle horse, pick up your feet" bit, she started giggling crazily and tossing the balls blindly at the tree. She broke about a dozen. She's a bit of a nut sometimes.
It's a very good thing that Mrs. Parkington is a very gracious woman.
If she hadn't, Eliza probably would have probably been thrown out on the spot.
After we were done decorating, it was time for refreshments!
Samantha served us hot apple cider and sugar cookies. They were delicious.
Eliza had calmed down considerably by this time. She only spilled a half of a  glass on the tablecloth, so I'd call the party a success. ;)
What are you doing this winter?

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