Saturday, November 6, 2010

New clothes, post 2!

Hello! This is Samantha.
You might have seen the outfit that I'm wearing before. It is rather old, but it hasn't been posted about yet!
The pants are—once again— the infamous Our Generation doll pants that were supposed to be jeans.
Mimi's friend Rita gave her the shoes, and my scarf, which you can't quite see, is made from the tie of a dress.
Mimi made the ballet wrap and tank top out of old T-shirts that were no longer in use.
She also has made another ballet wrap the same color as this tank top. They both look very good in person.
It was a beautiful day when Mimi and I went outside to take these pictures.
I included a picture of me and Nutmeg the beagle, because Mimi thought it was very cute.
It is rather funny, Nutmeg is the only dog I know of that is afraid of us. She runs away from Kit, and  after she had sniffed me, she won't even look in my direction!! (You can see that in the picture!!)
She is a very sweet dog.
I realize that the last paragraph didn't have anything to do with this outfit. Oh well. Mimi has told me that I need to try to stay on topic.... I guess I'll have to work on that!!!

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Wendy said...

Hi! I love your outfit! Very cute. =)

And Nutmeg is very cute! I love dogs.