Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elegant Azure

You've seen the hat....
But have you seen the dress that goes with it?

Okay, the commercial break is over!! This is Mimi.
After I made Josefina her newsboy cap, I decided that she really needed something to wear it with.
Sure, she could have just kept on wearing the Kelly doll jean jacket and her blue T-shirt, but she has always held something of a grudge against the Kelly clothes. Plus, blue T-shirts aren't that amazing.
So I set to work!!
I made this dress from part of an old T-shirt. It was originally going to be sort of a sun dress, but I like it this way a lot more.
And this dress, I am pleased to say, closes with Velcro. I know that in and of itself, Velcro isn't that great.
But before you start wondering why I'm making such a big deal out of Velcro, read the next bit.
The only kind of Velcro that we keep around here is the sticky backed stuff. It is a royal pain to sew on because it leaves your index finger dreadfully sore for about a day, and really messes up your needle.
I usually use snaps.

Thanks for looking!!


Clever Kit said...

Wow, Mimi! The design and color of this dress is amazing. Have you ever thought of selling your creations on Etsy?


mimi said...

Thank you so much Kit! I have actually considered making an Etsy.... haven't gotten around to it though! Maybe sometime... :)

Rita said...

This is beautiful Mimi. It looks so pretty with the hat.