Sunday, November 14, 2010

The little dollhouse!

Hello, Mimi here! Today I'm focusing on my most recent project, the "little dollhouse".
It is smaller than my other dollhouse,  probably about eight inches shorter, ten inches narrower, and a lot shallower.
It is made from a Creatology puzzle. I have to say, their directions are not clear at all. They label things on the directions with numbers and letters, and then you're on your own!
The house is in progress; I need to finish painting it.
The outside is too minty for my tastes. If it were going to have dark brown shingles, I think it would work well, but it is going to have dark green shingles.
Any suggestions on the color of the outside, or the rooms? They would be appreciated.
The lower left room is going to be white/cream.
Thanks for looking!!


wolfdog16 said...

That's fantastic! I love it!

Sunshine said...

Hmmm ... how dark are the shingles? What about a medium or charcoal gray color for the outside?

As for the rooms, I think each room should be a different color, but not in a Romper Room kind of way, more subtle. Something that allows you to use different fabrics and textures for their furniture and accessories without clashing. At least one should be a shade of purple. Just sayin'. :)

Rita said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm going to look for those puzzles. I'd love to have a little house like this, then I'd fill it up with those little Calico Critters. So cute! xxoo