Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello, Mimi here!!
Josefina came up to me yesterday, and made a very direct request. "Can you please make us some new hats??"
"But we have hats!" I objected.
"Barely." she muttered.
 Truthfully, we do not have a lot of hats. The picture to the right depicts the extent of our hats. A faded green baseball cap, a floral hat from a large Kelly doll, and a red fleece hat.
Josefina had a point.
"All right..." I relented. "I guess I'll help you out."
She beamed, and was about to say something, when Kit ran in.
"Hey can I have a hat too?" she asked impetuously.
Josefina looked slightly irritated, but didn't say anything.
I agreed to their pleas, and went to work on some hats!

I made their newsboy caps from a pattern of Joan Hinds.
I think they turned out pretty well!
 The pattern is pretty easy to sew. It is found in her book, "Sew Today's Fashions for 18" dolls".
It does take a while to cut out the pieces, but that can be said of any pattern!

Both Kit and Josefina were thrilled by their new hats, and immediately put them on, after thanking me profusely.
As always, thanks for looking!!


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

kewl hats ..

Sunshine said...

Nice!! I need a hat pattern that would fit a Dachshund, do you think that I could reduce those pattern pieces and it would still work?

Lovely hats!

mimi said...

About how big is the dachshund's head? Depending on the size, you might actually have to enlarge the pattern, these are only (roughly) thirteen inches around, and about two and a half inches tall.
I think the pattern would work though! :)

bob said...

There is no Jayhawk hat !!!!!!!

mimi said...

LOL! I need to make them one of those! :D

Rita said...

Hi Mimi:

Your hats are darling. And please don't cut up your brother's shirt--I will send you some Jayhawk fabric. ^__^ xxoo

mimi said...

Ooh yes, I would love Jayhawks fabric, thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimi,

I went to the American Girl Store -- spent HOURS -- looked at everything -- no K.U. Hats.