Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dress Rehearsal!

Hello, this is Samantha again.
Good news! My foot has healed enough that even my mom agrees that I should be able to dance on it. I was thrilled to hear so.

Anyways, today was the dress rehearsal for the performance. I love my costume. It's so soft and beautiful, it's a pleasure to wear.
For the first part of the dress rehearsal, my teacher had me run through it one time on my own, just to get the feel of it.
I was surprised by how well my foot felt. I could almost believe that I hadn't hurt it at all. Almost, but not quite.

I floated through the dances, feeling as light as a feather. I emerged breathless and triumphant.
"Very good." my teacher complimented me warmly. "Now let's see you with the other dancers."
The other dancers joined me on the stage. I was in almost every dance, so I got to see a lot of different dancers.
"From the top!" the teacher called, turning the music on.
I stumbled through the dances, feeling just about as graceful as a one-legged hippopotamus. I emerged embarrassed and hot. My ankle kind of hurt too.
"Hmm.." my teacher said. "One more time!"
I somehow managed to survive, although I thought I might pass out.
"That will do." my teacher said. "You may all go home now, I'll see you in a few days. Don't forget to practice!!!"

I knew I wouldn't, if it would help me avoid another rehearsal like this one.

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