Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Performance!

Hi! Yesterday was the big performance! I would have posted about it yesterday, but I got home really late. I am pleased to say that it went without a hitch. Well, except for when Ashley fell off the stage when we were practicing, but that's another story. When it was time to go on, we slipped onto the dark stage quietly, and waited for the curtain to go up. When it did, we were slightly stunned by the sudden blaze of light. The spotlights always do that to me though. 
When the music came on, it sent a shiver up my spine. In the back of my mind I had kind of been hoping that by some fluke the music wouldn't start, and that we could go back behind the stage. I wouldn't tell any of my friends or family this, it would surprise them too much, but dancing on stage terrifies me more than anything else. Practicing is fine, but my confidence gives out when I have people watching me. 
I had to push these thoughts out of my mind, and start dancing. It felt as if  I were dreaming. My mind felt numb. I was operating more from memory than conscious thought. Once my initial stage fright wore off, and I was able to think again, I started enjoying myself immensely. I "pirouetted", and "jetéd" across the stage. I felt like I was flying. 
Then, at the peak of my enthusiasm, it was time for me to "chassé" off the stage to allow time for the four-person procession. I don't know what it is technically called, but that's how I refer to it. After the four people had finished their procession, I "chasséd" back on the stage, and began to dance again. The whole performance was thrilling and stunning, from my perspective anyway. Kit told me later that it was enchanting. 
She also said that she hadn't been that excited ever since her baseball team scored a fantastic victory. I suppose that's a compliment. Back to our subject, after a bit more with that group of dancers, they left, and a new group came. Towards the end they came back again, and we danced some more. I was really happy to finish the performance with my friends. I haven't had that much fun dancing in a really long time. The whole experience was just such a delight. I was honestly very sorry when the music finally stopped, and we had to stand still, waiting for the curtain to fall. 
If I had the chance, I would do it all over again.

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