Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A small girl scurried out of the four o'clock train, and onto the smoky platform. Her eyes came to rest on a well-dressed man who was scanning the crowds anxiously. "Are you Mr. Harrison?" she asked him.
He looked down and smiled. "Yes." he said in a stately manner. "I presume you are Wendy, the Edwards' guest from England?"
Wendy nodded. "Well good." Mr. Harrison, the butler said. "Then I suppose we can be on our way now, unless of course you have any other luggage we need to pick up?"
"No sir." Wendy said simply.
"That makes it easier. Come along now, we have a carriage waiting."

"Why hello child." Mrs. Edwards said grandly. "I have been expecting you."
"I know." Wendy told her.
Mrs. Edwards was taken aback. Nobody had ever spoken to her in that impertinent way before. She tried to conceal her horror. "Well darling, let us go out, and do something about that hair of yours." Mrs. Edwards cooed in a syrupy voice.

She had never seen such atrocious hair. It was so straight, so dull. She could fix that. And her clothes! Mrs. Edwards thought that such a horrendous dress should be burned at the soonest convenience. She would have to deal with that later.

They were home again by five. Wendy had somehow managed to escape the hair dresser's with only a light curling. Mrs. Edwards had wanted something much more flashy, but somehow it didn't make it. "Here's your room Kitten." Mrs. Edwards (who apparently had a fondness for nicknames) said.
Wendy looked around with shining eyes. The room was lovely. In truth, Mrs. Edwards despised the room, and was only too glad to let someone else use it. (Before, she had kept her extensive button collection in it.)
"Honey-cake, I took the liberty of buying you some brand new clothes. I hope you don't mind too much."

"Mind? I don't mind. Should I?" Wendy asked.
Mrs. Edwards gasped audibly. She didn't know what she would do at all if the child kept on behaving so impudently. "Dearest angel, why don't you acquaint yourself with the house? I'm certain that you will find something to interest you, Lovey."
"All right." Wendy said, as she flew out of the room to explore.
Mrs. Edwards leaned against the bedpost, looking quite pale. "That darling rogue will be the end of me with her antics, I swear."


Rita said...

Mimi: Did you write this? Do you have a new doll? Dahling, I'm so far behind!

mimi said...

Yes, I wrote this! At the moment, Wendy is undergoing a bit of surgery since the smallest sister broke Wendy's head. :( :( :( Mom is making her a new one out of paper clay. Sigh......

Rita said...

Mimi! You are an excellent writer. This is a wonderful story. I think A.G. should buy it as a story of one of their new dolls.

Oh, and Wendy is lucky that you have such a talented mom to fix her head. Can she work on mine next? TeHe xxoo

mimi said...

Oh thank you!! :)