Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laura's jacket

Hello! I based this jacket off of an outfit from the cartoon show "Hamtaro". :P It is made out of red felt.
I ran into a couple of difficulties when I made it. The first, and most important one, was that the two sheets of red felt I found were obviously different shades of red. Luckily, I was able to find a matching sheet, so I didn't have to use the mismatched piece. The second difficulty was making the hood fit properly, but that eventually was worked out as well. :)
I'm not really sure about how Kit looks in red, I think this jacket probably would have actually suited Samantha more, oh well. :D
On another note, I've made a couple pieces of furniture for my dolls recently. I'm planning on posting some pictures in the next few days. ;) See you!!


Rita said...

Omigosh, Mimi! When you get to where you can just "eye" it and make it; well, I think your mom might just find you a job! As an artist, of course. This is amazing. xo

mimi said...

Thank you so much! It wasn't really that hard, I mean it's not as if I don't see very often :P. I made this right after a long spree of watching seasons 2-4 lol. :D

Sunshine said...

Hoodies are always hard! You did an excellent job!

mimi said...

Thank you!!!!