Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doll fashion week 2, day 6

Wow, it's already the sixth day. The week really flew by!
The above photo was edited slightly.
I made her shirt out of an old pink striped shirt that was too small for anyone. My mom made the skirt for me a long time ago, and the cat socks are the ones from Target. :)
Everything this week on exception of the knitted sweaters has been made form my own design.
See you tomorrow!!

Please excuse the mess in the background. :)


Rita said...

Wow, I got a little busy this week and fashion week #2 just slipped right on by me. I almost missed it. Fortunately, I was able to review the outfit for each day and declare each ensemble a complete success Your models are fortunate indeed to have such a talent stylist and seamstress dressing them. I can tell they appreciate this because they don't wear the grim expressions that we see on so many human fashion models. ^__^

Another huge success for the designer. Take a bow, Mimi.

mimi said...

Oh thank you Rita!! I really appreciate your compliments. :D