Monday, May 17, 2010

The Doll nightstand!

Hi! This nightstand was made a few months ago, despite the fact that the dolls didn't have a real bed. (At the moment they are using boxes with a lot of blankets on top :P )
I made it out of cardboard from an old shoe-box, and then covered it with white construction paper.
I made the framed pictures from pictures that I cut out of an old American Girl catalog. :) The frames are cardboard.
The base of the lamp was made with construction paper covered cardboard, the neck of the lamp is a cylinder of paper, and I sewed the lamp shade. :)
My dear friend Rita gave me the three pretty books on the lower shelf, and I made the green binder from cardboard and construction paper. (Two of my favorite materials, if you haven't guessed. Another one is Red Heart. XD )
See you soon!!

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