Friday, May 14, 2010

The doll desk!

Recently, the dolls have been asking for furniture, so I decided to make them their own bedroom. It's a little crowded (I'll have to post a picture of it soon) but they are quite pleased. Kit, loving writing dearly, requested a desk for their room. I was only too happy to oblige, and immediately broke out the cardboard!! The cardboard for this desk was from two calendars. :) When I was done constructing it, I covered most of it with brown construction paper too make it look neater. Kit was thrilled at the arrival of the desk; she immediately filled it with all of her "desk stuff", despite the protests of the other dolls. :P
Thanks for looking!


Rita said...

Well, we all know what a wonderful writer Kit is. It looks like she's all set. But wait, she needs a typewriter. Maybe one will turnip. ^__^

mimi said...

Kit sends you her sincerest "thank you"s for the compliment. :D

Sunshine said...

Ok, what did you make the pencils from? And, what's in the drawer? (Yes, I'm nosey!) and I LOVE those magazine boxes!

mimi said...

The pencils are made from toothpicks. I made them by cutting one pointy side off, covering them in yellow paper, and coloring the remaining pointy ends black, and the blunt ends pink.
Inside the drawer, there are currently two of the many mini books I made for them (out of cardboard covered in magazine snippets) and a smallish bag of beads. :)