Thursday, May 20, 2010

The doll's room!!

This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for, when the doll's room will finally be revealed in all its glory!! Or something like that. Now you're probably wondering why the bedroom doesn't have a bed. It actually does, to the right of the photo, but they hadn't made it, and of course I'm not going to post photos of their unmade bed, or any other small messes they make and "forget" about.
When I came in to take this photo, Kit was writing, Kirsten was playing with her kitten, Samantha was on the computer, and Kaya and Josefina were playing cards on the bed. (I don't know how they expect me to believe that they forgot about the bed when they were playing on it...) Anyway, I asked them, very politely, to leave for a minute so I could take a picture.
There was a pause. "Why?" Josefina finally ventured.
"Because," I explained, "You make the room look a lot smaller than it really is. More like a smallish sardine can than a bedroom."
Another pause. "Maybe smallish sardine cans are in vogue." Kit said. "If they are, it would look really nice on your blog, and-"
"I'm only going to need you to leave for five seconds, okay?" I interrupted.
Mumbling and grumbling, they left. The camera had just begun to focus, "Are you done yet?" Josefina asked sticking her head in.
"No." I told her. "Go back out."
Five seconds later, "Done yet?"
Four and a half seconds later. "Are you-"
"NO! I'll call you when I'm done."
It took me exactly six seconds to take a decent picture, and call them back in. Josefina complained in an low voice that it took me twenty one seconds, but I ignored her. :)


Rita said...

This is a great room, Mimi. I do wish mine were so neat and well decorated. Now, please, I'd like to see a photo of Gullivette. ^__^

Rita said...

I have to say, I particularly like the little framed photos. Very creative. xxoo

mimi said...

Thank you Rita! I'll put up a photo... as soon as I take one. We're thinking of moving her outside for the photo. :)

Sunshine said...

Did you make that tiny purse?!
I am always amazed by your work! Now that it's summer, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I think you need to post a supply wish list so we can send you donations - like the back of calendars, felt blocks, etc. Just sayin'. ;)

mimi said...

Thank you! I'd like to say I made the purse, but I didn't. :) It was a freebie that came with one of Mom's full size purses a long time ago. :D

Rita said...

How about the kitten? Did you make the kitten?

Oh, and I agree with the care package list. What a good idea!

mimi said...

No, I didn't make the kitten. :) It's an old toy that I've had for a very long time, and I have no idea where I got it from. There used to be more of them though, they're probably all around here somewhere. :)