Friday, May 13, 2011

A new hobby?

Hello! This is Jenna.
I don't know if I really hit on this too much in my other post, but I have always been involved in a lot of sports, and really liked all of them. So when I heard that our school was having "career day", and that we were supposed to come dressed as what we would like to be when we are older, I already knew what I was going as.
I showed up to school in an old soccer uniform of mine, not so much because I want to play soccer, but because I hoped that it would convey that I liked sports.
It didn't occur to me that maybe I would run into a hobby that I liked more than sports.
You know Kirsten Larson, right? Well hopefully you do, and hopefully you also know about her love of photography.
Previously I haven't been very interested in taking pictures. It always seemed like it was something that some people do somewhere, but I've never had any experiences with photography at all.
But when I saw some of Kirsten's photography yesterday, I found a fascination that I've never had before for art related things. I discovered that maybe I would like to be a photographer.
After class I found Kirsten and talked to her. I asked her if sometime I could go with her when she was taking pictures.
She hesitated at first, apparently having some reservations. After a little thought though, she decided that I could come. "I'll be going out to the forest this Saturday, if you want to come. I'll be leaving at about eight; you can meet me in front of my house." She told me.
I was thrilled at the offer, and fervently told her that I would come.
Well, that's about all I had to post about. I will probably post about the trip itself on Sunday or Monday, so be watching for it!!!


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