Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Much ado about nothing

Hi, this is Dakota!
Maybe the title is a little misleading... it wasn't quite nothing. Still, there was "much ado" over it.
As you may know, I go to a very competitive school. And when I say very competitive, I mean very competitive. Like, the kind of school that will do whatever it can to 1-up another school. Yeah.
A while back (About a month ago, really.) there was a large contest that our school was entered in. Long story short, our school lost.
The headmistress of our school was not pleased at all. After a thorough examination of the school, she decided that it must be because the school was too lenient. She called a big meeting, and most of the teachers agreed with her.
So, she made a lot of new rules and regulations. One rule, is that there is now a school uniform. Basically everyone has to wear a pleated skirt, and a neat shirt, or get in trouble. The colors don't matter.
My grandma was thrilled. She had also been under the opinion that the school was somewhat.... lacking.
It was her idea, not mine, not my mom's, to have me dress in what you see me wearing in the picture.
At school today, the whole atmosphere was a lot different. It was more rigid, and to the point today than it has been in the past.
The classes seemed very long. I didn't really think that the uniforms made us any more efficient than we might have been; I was too busy fidgeting and squirming to notice.

The headmistress did say that the new rules would probably just be enforced until we didn't need them any more, i.e., until we start shaping up. I'm just hoping that she doesn't think we need them for very long!!!
Oh, and on another note, I can keep Sally! We spent a lot of time looking for her previous owners, and since none we're found, I officially have a cat! Grandma isn't thrilled, but I didn't really expect her to be.



Emily said...

I'm glad you got to keep your cat! Though I'm sorry your school has gotten so strict. I have to wear a school uniform as well: white blouse, plaid jumper, white socks or tights, black loafers, and a navy hair ribbon. I could do without the ribbon, lol. Hang in there, Dakota!


mimi said...

Thank you Emily! I know what you mean about the ribbon! I could go without the beret, or the boots, or both! :P


Rita said...

Oh, no! You don't like the boots? I think they are quite lovely.

I had to wear a uniform when I attended a Catholic girls' school. I consisted of a white blouse and a long blue skirt. I don't know what that skirt was made of, but it had to dry cleaned and it got shinier and shiner. I didn't mind wearing a uniform 'cause I didn't have to compete with the other girls clothes. xxoo

mimi said...

Actually, I like the boots, and the beret, quite a bit. But I don't really like wearing them every day, if you know what I mean. They get a little bit uncomfortable on warm days. :P

Sunshine said...

I love those boots! And, who made the shirt? It's awesome!

mimi said...

Thank you! :D I made the shirt and the skirt. :)