Saturday, September 17, 2011


You know the expression, “Variety is the spice of life”, right? Well, sometimes I think that my life might have a little too much spice in it.
I mean, there is always something going on around here. (This is Kirsten writing, just so you know.)
We've had a lot going on even in the past week. At first, Josefina's Sombrita problem was the big issue, and then Eliza started boycotting the school lunches, not because she minded them very much, mostly because she wanted something to boycott...
Then, Josefina heard from somewhere that the American Girl people are going to make a Josefina movie. I don't think that Josefina has very reliable sources, personally.
True or not, Josefina got pretty excited about it. She was so excited by it, that she has started dressing like Josefina from the books, just in case there are any talent scouts around.
The most recent happening occured yesterday when Samantha and I were walking home from school. She had been mostly quiet, and then she had her big idea. 
"Kirsten! I have a great idea!" she bubbled. "Let's have a Halloween Fashion Show Contest!!"
I waited to reply for a minute, hoping that she was joking. "Um, Samantha..." I said slowly. "Halloween isn't for a month or so."
"I know!" she said.
"Don't you think it's a bit early for a, um, a—"
"A Halloween Fashion Show Contest." she informed me. "Come on, it will be fun!" 
So somehow, I ended up at Samantha's house this morning, helping her host and judge a Halloween Fashion Show Contest. 
Most of the costumes were pretty commonplace, like black cats, and witches, and princesses. The strangest ones came when some of our friends arrived. 
The first of our friends to arrive was Kit. "What are you, Kit?" Samantha asked. 
"I'm a fruit advertisement. What would you say if I told you that everyone should eat ten pounds of fruit each day?"
"Um, I don't know." I said.
"That's probably what I would say too." she said, before continuing along to where the "judged" sat.
You can probably guess who Josefina came dressed as. Haha.
We saw more normal costumes, until Jenna came in. 
"What are you, Jenna?" Samantha asked, as was her custom.
"I'm the Halloweenie! And this is my hollow-weenie!" she chirped, holding up a plastic hot dog. "I think I have the best costume here."
"Why is that?" Samantha asked. 
"Because! My costume is good for two holidays, unlike most of the ones here. It's good for halloween if I go by myself, and good for National No-Hot-Dog Day if I bring my hollow-weenie along to remind people."
"National No-Hot-Dog Day? I didn't know there was one." I told her. 
Jenna nodded.
"How do you know about it?" I asked, curious in spite of myself.
"Duh! I'm a vegan!" she said.
"Jenna! You're not a vegan. I saw you eating a McDonald's hamburger just yesterday."
"Those are real?" Samantha asked, highly confused. "I always thought that those were like, tofu or something."
"No, yes, maybe." I faltered. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. Let's get back to the contest."
And that's what we did.

While I'm still writing about it, Jenna won the contest. Samantha couldn't argue with the fact that Jenna's contest would be highly useful for two holidays, and plus, who doesn't like Hollow-weenies?

This is kind of a strange place to stop, but I don't really have anything else to say, except for this.
If variety is the spice of life, then I guess I have one well-seasoned life.


P.S. Do you like the picture on the bottom of this post? Samantha actually took it for her scrapbook, but I thought that I would include it. As you can see, I was granted the honor of holding the hollow-weenie. :D


Anonymous said...

LOL, I love the hollow weenie. I think the bottom picture is adorable!

Lucy said...

Aww, that sounds fun! The picture is very cute. Thanks for sharing it!

mimi said...

Thanks, both of you! It was a lot of fun. :D

rita said...

That IS a tofu hollow weenie, right? ^__^ Your party looks like great fun! xxoo

mimi said...

LOL! It's kind of hard to tell the difference between the authentic hollo weenies, and the tofu ones. :D